Awesome Glass Microwave Popcorn Poppers

It’s such a simple idea that you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t think of it first. Instead of using a chemical-filled paper bag to cook popcorn, why not use a jar?

The popcorn that comes out of plastic or glass microwave poppers is pure white, crunchy and fluffy– unless, of course, you add butter or oil into the mix yourself. You control all the ingredients.

The only downside to these gadgets is that you have to remember to wash them out after you’re done using them. People like microwave popcorn bags because they require zero cleanup. You just heat them up, eat the popcorn up and throw the bag away when you’re finished.

Do Microwave Popcorn Bags Cause Cancer?

You may have already heard about the cancer outbreak that’s affecting popcorn factory assembly lines. Nobody quite knows what’s causing the factory workers to develop tumors in their lungs. But some experts are pointing their finger at a popcorn flavoring agent called diacetyl. A 2007 scientific study called “Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine” has linked diacetyl to a lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans. That’s why some scientists believe that chemicals contained in artificial butter may be the driving force behind the outbreak. Science has yet to prove that low level exposure to microwave bag popcorn fumes is bad for popcorn consumers. Still, many health conscious people aren’t waiting for scientists to tell them to look for healthier options. Following the 2007 health report, glass popcorn popper sales figures have increased dramatically.

The 3 Best Glass Popcorn Poppers

It’s hard to make a glass microwave popcorn popper that doesn’t work. The components are so simple! Still, some have better design features than others. Let’s take a closer look at 2 of the very best glass popcorn poppers on the market today.






This nifty little glass popper’s convenient thin glass handle is truly awesome. Some glass popcorn poppers get extremely hot. The Catamount popper gets very hot, too. But because of its cleverly designed heat resistant glass handle, you can move it out of the microwave without burning your fingers. If you like to take the popcorn bowl out of the microwave and eat it while it’s still hot, this is a very useful feature.

What We Love:

  • The convenient handle. The handle allows you to transport your hot popcorn without having tolook around for a stove mitten first.
  • The pleasing design. This unit’s color subtle colors, elegant shape and glass construction is very easy on the eyes. It blends in well with pretty much any type of kitchen environment.

What Could Be Improved:

  • The glass is too fragile. The bad thing about glass products is that they tend to break if you drop them. This popper’s glass bowl seems to be made from good quality glass, but you have to be careful with it if you don’t want it to crack. Also, if you buy this product be sure to be especially careful with the handle. Multiple people who bought this device wrote that its thin glass handle broke off in the wash.
If unpopped “old maid” kernels really get on your nerves, this glass popper from Presto might be the perfect popper for you. The PowerPop Multi-Popper is simply the most effective glass popper out there. It uses a special insert called a PowerCup to concentrate your microwave’s rays onto the kernels.

What We Love:

  • It pops nearly every kernel you drop into it. This popper effectively churns out piles of kernel free popcorn.
  • You can take it apart and wash it. This glass popper is easier to clean than most other poppers. All you have to do is take it apart and throw the pieces in the washing machine.

What Could Be Improved:

  • It doesn’t work well without the disposable Presto PowerCups. With other glass poppers, all you need is corn kernels to make fresh popcorn. But if you buy this gadget you’ll have to buy PowerCups, too. Presto’s PowerCups are cheap and they do a good job of concentrating your microwave’s heat energy. But if you know you’ll be too lazy to restock your PowerCups when you run out, then you may want to go with a different glass popper.

The #1 Best Plastic Microwave Popcorn Popper

Glass popcorn markers are great for people who don’t live with a bunch of other human beings. But if you have a large family or lots of roommates, it doesn’t make much sense to buy fragile glass appliances.

This popcorn popper from Sur Le Table caters to families who want to kick the microwave bag popcorn habit but haven’t made the move to glass because of safety concerns.

This isn’t a glass popcorn popper– the Lekue is made out of microwave safe plastic. Still, it deserves a place on our list. Even though it doesn’t look as nice as a glass popper, it works just as well.

What We Love:

  • It’s collapsable. Our favorite glass poppers have one big weakness: they’re bulbous and take up a lot of shelf space. But you can shrink this little Sur Le Table popcorn popper down to 2.25 inches and stick in any drawer.
  • It’s indestructible. Our only plastic microwave popper is also the most durable one on our list. The Lekue could probably survive a third World War.

What Could Be Improved:

  • Its unimpressive design. This popper’s monochrome color scheme and plain Jane design could use some improvement. The Lekue popper looks a bit cheap. But as they say, you can’t always tell a book by its cover. Actually, this microwave popper works quite well. If all you need is an indestructible popper that’ll get the job done, who cares what it looks like?

Final Thoughts

The best glass microwave popcorn poppers take the convenience of fast cooking and combine it with the healthiness of air poppers for popcorn to give you a healthy and tasty treat. If you dread the idea of another kitchen appliance taking up space in your cupboards, you should look into purchasing one of these compact bowls for your next movie night!