Back to Basics PC 17551 Review

Do you remember when popcorn used to be made on the stovetop? Usually in pots covered by lids, the kernels would sit in a small amount of oil and heat up until they began to pop. There was nothing quite like the taste of popcorn that was cooked in a pot, something that everyone can experience thanks to products like the Back to Basics PC 17551. This aluminum stovetop 6-quart popcorn popper brings the art of cooking popcorn back to the kitchen and away from the microwave. The final result is a healthy snack that everyone can enjoy.

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Product Features

Just because this popcorn maker is a stovetop models (find one), doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. Below are the top three features of this popper (looking for a different popcorn popper? Click here!).

Hand Crank for Even Heat and Oil Distribution

The Back to Basics PC 17551 has a wooden-handled hand crank that lets the user turn the housing for the popcorn to provide even distribution for heat and oil. This means less burnt popcorn and more kernels popped.

Steam Vents for Heat Release

There’s nothing worse when making a batch of popcorn, only to discover that kernels haven’t popper or the popcorn is getting stale. Proper heat release and moderation is the key to delicious popcorn, and having steam vents goes a long way to making every batch perfect.

Makes up to 6-Quarts in Minutes

Whether as a quick snack or part of a movie night celebration, this stovetop popcorn popper makes the perfect amount of healthy popcorn in just minutes.

The Pros and Cons of the Back to Basics Popcorn Popper

As we listed above, there are some really useful features included with this popcorn maker. To help you decide if this is the model for you, we’re going to break down the pros and cons of the popper.


  • Hand Crank for Distribution
  • Steam Vents for Release
  • Makes 6-Quarts in Minutes
  • Stay-Cool Wooden Handle


  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • A Little Expensive
  • Snapping the Lid in Place
  • 6-Quarts May not be Enough

Is the Back to Basics Popcorn Maker for You?

Best Suited For

This popcorn maker is great for people who want to cook popcorn the old fashioned way. It’s an excellent centerpiece that is sure to get friends and family talking. It’s also perfect for smaller families who want to be able to cook less popcorn than a larger machine could.

Not Suited For

If you have a big family, you’ll probably want to look for a hot air popper that allows for a greater amount of kernels. Also, the price for this model is a little high, especially when compared to other hot air machines on the market.


Back to Basics PC 17551 Popcorn Maker: Our Verdict

Cooking popcorn on the stove creates a taste that’s impossible to duplicate through other machines. The Back to Basics PC 17551 is a great way to get that taste back and share it with friends and family. We recommend this model if you’re looking for a compact popcorn popper that doesn’t take up a lot of room. For more information about the popper and to read what other people are saying, head over to Amazon. You can also purchase the popcorn maker directly from Amazon and have it shipped to your house in days.

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