Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

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Is there any sound as comforting as when popcorn begins to pop inside of a warm bowl? We certainly don’t think so and our website is proof of that. From microwave bowls to hot air poppers, we’ve used a lot of different appliances to make the perfect batch of popcorn.

One of the first appliances we used to cook popcorn was a hot air appliance that included a chute and butter melting dish. It worked well but ended up making a large mess and leaving unpopped kernels in our bowl. With so many advances in kitchen appliances, this isn’t the case with the Presto PopLite.

For a quick preview of this hot air popcorn popper, check out the promotional video below:

Head over to Amazon to read more about this popcorn machine and check out what other consumers have to say. Our review will also help you decide if this is the appliance for your needs.

Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper Features     

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The PopLite Hot Air Popper may not have a lot of fancy features, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Aside from the popcorn chute and butter melting tray, this popcorn maker focuses on making a great snack.

Fast-popping Action

This hot air popper will give you 18 cups of popcorn in less than 3 minutes. That’s more popcorn than a microwave bag in the same amount of time. Before you know it, you’ll have a bowl full of healthy snack food that’s perfect for any occasion.

No Kernel Left Behind

After dealing with so many popcorn makers that left unpopped kernels behind, it’s so refreshing to find one that performs as well as it claims. Once the popcorn stopped popping, there were only a couple kernels left in the bowl, which is a huge change from some other hot air poppers we’ve used in the past.

The Pros and Cons of the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

To help you find the perfect popcorn maker for your house, we’re going to list some of the pros and cons of the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper.

The Good

  • Delivers on its Promises
  • Leaves fewer Kernels Behind
  • Works Quicker than other Models

The Bad

  • No on / off Switch
  • Loud Appliance
  • Need Large Bowl to Catch Popcorn

Is the Presto PopLite for You?

Best Suited For

The PopLite popcorn maker is a great choice for families that want to make a large healthy snack for everyone. It makes a big bowl of popcorn quickly, without wasting too many kernels.

Not Suited For

If you’re looking for the best popcorn machine that will make you a heaping bowl of popcorn without a lot of noise, then this isn’t the machine for you. Even though it works well, the PopLite can be loud while it’s cooking the kernels. Also, the lack of an on / off switch could turn some people off.

Presto PopLite: Our Verdict

The Presto PopLite popcorn maker is a great choice for anyone looking to use a basic appliance that delivers on its promises. Presto has been selling this model for a long time, and stand by their products.

We recommend this popcorn popper for anyone interested in a quality appliance for a low price. Head over to Amazon to purchase one for you and your family.

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